three easy ways to sleep earlier and feel better the next morning


these days, being busy has become a point of pride for many people who live fast-paced lifestyles. it’s like everyone needs to constantly be doing something to feel productive, but in truth, this can actually be counterproductive and even get in the way of your sleeping habits. how many people do you know profess to be insomniacs or ‘night owls?’ or maybe you could be the one having trouble sleeping at night. scientific studies have shown that adults need about 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep per day. usually, getting very little sleep results in feeling groggy and unproductive the next day. making small changes to your daily routine can have long-lasting effects in sleeping earlier and being more productive! here are some easy suggestions on how to get some much needed sleep and reset your body clock.

UNPLUG! these days, people are practically glued to their smartphones, computers or other gadgets to make sure they know exactly what’s going on everywhere in the world via the Internet. or maybe they rely on the television to help them go to sleep. make it a point to turn off your computer, TV or smart phone at a certain time at night to help control your sleeping schedule – you can do this by setting an alarm about 45 minutes before bedtime. you can use your time to wrap up your remaining business on social media before getting some shut-eye.

GET SOME EXERCISE! though it may not sound like it has a connection to a restful night’s sleep, getting enough physical activity in your daily routine will help enhance the quality of your sleep. in the morning, the temperature of the human body is elevated, while the temperature decreases at night, signaling sleepiness. try to clock in some physical activity 5-6 hours before bedtime if possible – at least 20-30 minutes of exercise is fine. aside from helping you sleep better, you’re investing in your overall wellness, too!

MAKE SURE YOUR BED IS COMFY. if you find yourself twisting and turning in bed at night and wake up with sore muscles, maybe the problem lies in your pillow or your mattress. replace old mattresses and pillows with new ones – most mattresses are due for replacement after about 10 years, and pillows after a year. be sure to select a mattress or pillow that provides the right kind of support you need to help you achieve optimal sleep.

these are three simple ways you can improve your sleeping habits at home. when you get more hours of sleep, you’ll definitely find that getting up in the morning becomes easier, your ability to concentrate becomes better, and you won’t feel so groggy and sluggish in the mid-afternoon and will feel better and healthier all around.


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