Simple Yoga for Beginners

For those of you who haven’t been bitten by the yoga bug, you may be wondering why your friends are so crazy about it. More than just mastering your physical strength and flexibility, yoga is a spiritual practice that dates back more than thousands of years that is meant to provide you with a meaningful spiritual as well as physical experience. The word itself means “union,” which connotes a union between body and soul, because yoga also aids in meditation via breathing exercises.  If you’re interested to know what yoga is all about, why not try these simple yoga poses, or asanas, to get your practice started? Just remember that if the poses start to hurt, don’t force them. Yoga is supposed to be an enjoyable activity, and you’ll get better with practice.

The Sun Salutation, or Surya Namaskara, is one of the most basic series of yoga poses you can do even without leaving your home.

Sun Salutation

  1. Stand up straight with both feet touching. Bring your hands together, palm to palm, directly in front of your heart like you are praying. Making sure you are relaxed and your weight is evenly distributed, exhale.
  2. Slowly raise your arms above your head and bend backwards slowly. Make sure to relax your neck. Inhale.
  3. Bend forward slowly and exhale, aligning your hands to your feet. Try to touch your head to your knees, if possible. Try to touch the floor, palms down with fingers aligned to the toes. Bend your knees if you need to.
  4.  Move your right leg backwards in a lunge motion. Keep your feet and hands on the ground as you inhale, making sure your left foot is in between your hands then raise your head.
  5. Bring your left foot together with the right foot in a plank position.
  6. Lower your body slowly as you exhale, and rest on your forearms.
  7. Inhale, and lower your pelvis to the ground and raise your head while bending back as far as possible, while keeping your arms straight. This is called the Upward Facing Dog Pose.
  8. Put your hands on the ground. While keeping your arms straight, raise your hips and exhale. This is called the Downward Facing Dog Pose.
  9. Inhale slowly and bring your right foot forward in between your hands and lift your head up.
  10. While keeping your hands in place, bring both feet together. Straighten your legs and bend your waist and keep your upper body lowered. Try to touch your head to your knees, if possible. Exhale.
  11. Slowly rise up to a standing position and raise your hands over your head as you bend slowly backwards. Inhale.
  12. Return to step 1. Exhale.

Yoga is a simple and uplifting experience that benefits your spiritually as well as physically. Why not try doing these exercises when you have some free time? Your body will thank you for it.

bobble is available at your local yoga studios – Bliss Yoga, Plana Forma, and Urban Ashram.


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